5 simple ways to get mentally ready for the Festive Season

Mentally Ready

5 simple ways to get mentally ready for the Festive Season

On the first day of Christmas, my GP said to me…

Time to get your elves in a row, Christmas is just around the corner! BBQ banquets, creamy cocktails, gifts galore – there is much to be excited (and stressed) about. Whether you’re stressing over your weight or your wallet, your health professional wants your mental well-being to be at the top of your own wish list.

Here is a list of five simple ways you can get mentally ready for the Festive Season:

  • Set a budget. Finances are one of the biggest stress triggers during the holiday period. Lay out an achievable budget for gifts, social events, and food, and work with your closest ones to stick to it – if you have a large family, suggest doing a Secret Santa instead.
  • Have realistic expectations. Don’t let a runny trifle ruin you and your family’s day. No holiday gathering is perfect, be flexible and let minor inconveniences become just another fun holiday memory.
  • Allow for some leeway in your diet. If you’ve been trying to watch your weight and you’re worried about letting those few extra rum balls affect your progress, there are some mindful ways to not overdo your calorie intake. Be mindful of your portions and swap out the champagne for some spirits with a low-sugar mixer. You can let your hair down without having a blowout, and mentally you’ll feel much more accomplished.


–    Tap into your optimism. Optimism is having a hopeful, positive outlook on the future. It helps you see, think and feel positively which will make for a memorably magical festive season. If you tend to focus on the negatives, trying some realistic optimism might work for you. Decide what is realistic to expect and what you can do to make the situation go as well as possible.


– See a professional if you need to. Sometimes the feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression can feel too difficult to overcome on your own. If you’re struggling with your mental health in the lead-up to Christmas. Psychologists are here to help you work through your feelings through counseling services.

Our Professionals here at Medical on Burleigh look forward to seeing you soon!