Health Assessment

Are you between 45 and 49 years old (not 50!)?

Did you know that there is a HEALTH ASSESSMENT covered by Medicare?

It is: Once in a lifetime
Aimed at preventative care before the next stages of turning 50!

FOR EVERY human, this is an important time to review their individual risk factors for heart disease and other preventative diseases. This is the purpose of the Health Assessment. It’s an opportunity to really implement prevention before disease occurs and other measures are required.

We spoke to Dr Zoe Ormiston on the importance of having this health assessment done, specifically around women and Menopause conversations at this age.

Dr Zoe notes “The risk of Heart Disease begins to significantly increase for women after Menopause as their estrogen drops. Treatment for Menopause depends entirely on the individual symptoms and degree of suffering. If no concerns from the women, then no treatment is needed. Some women might have frequent hot flushes but not be bothered, others have a few and it really impacts their quality of life. It’s very variable and personal.”

The site ‘Her Heart’ is a great resource for women to refer to, to learn more about how heart disease presents in women.

If you are at high risk of diabetes, Medicare has funded Health Assessments from the age of 40-49 years. Again, it’s only once in a lifetime, it runs out if you are 50+ and early detection is best.

Few things in life are free these days, so it’s important to make the most of this opportunity!
These questions can help tell your own personal health story and help us map out your wellness.

TO BOOK or make an enquiry, call our Admin team to see if you are eligible.  07 55353833

Best of health to you!