I didn’t even know I was sick…


My doctor says I need a “Chronic Disease Management Plan”. What is it? I didn’t even know I was sick!

“Chronic disease” just means “long-lasting health condition”.
These can lead to having persistent effects on your over well-being as time goes on if unmanaged.

For example:

  1. Osteoporosis – if ignored, this can lead to brittle bones, causing injury.
  2. Diabetes – if ignored, this can lead to loss of vision, kidney disease, heart attacks, painful extremities (neuropathy)
  3. Colitis – nutritional imbalance, iron deficiency, narrowing of the bowel from scar tissue, perforation of the bowel

People living with chronic disease can be impacted socially and financially if there is not an effective care management plan in place with their GP to assist in treatment.

A “chronic disease care plan” enables your GP to manage and co-ordinate your health care with other participants and access to a variety of services specific to the treatment of they individual chronic disease.

Some of the benefits to you obtaining a care plan from are:

  • Identifies they chronic disease and the symptoms it is causing you specifically
  • Education around the condition and how to manage it together
  • Provides ongoing support

To obtain a Care Plan and see if you are eligible, book with your GP. Medicare has offered an incentive to assist patients, which includes a Medicare rebate for 5 visits to Allied Health per year. The GP and Nurse would check which services you would most require, like physiotherapy, dietetics and podiatry.

A very interesting article on how important this is and how easily managed it can be, visit: https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports-data/health-conditions-disability-deaths/chronic-disease/overview