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Originally hailing from beautiful South Africa, Dr Greigh (pronounced "Grey") joins us!
Dr Greigh completed his medical degree at Griffith University & has worked at GCUH in General Surgery, Trauma, Urology & Emergency Medicine, as well as working out in regional areas of NSW & Tasmania.
Dr Greigh enjoys all aspects of family medicine, performing minor surgical procedures & has a special interest in health, fitness & Men’s Health.

Meet Me

Dr Greigh Hampson-Tindale
General Practitioner

Dr Sarah is a true Queenslander who studied & trained on the GC & happily calls it home! Dr Sarah has worked in various hospitals across Southeast Queensland & enjoys all aspects of General Practice - a true "Generalist".
Dr Sarah is a kind & empathetic doctor who thoroughly enjoys her work as a GP.
Outside of work Dr Sarah has a love for the beach, travel & spending time with her family & friends .

Meet Me

Dr Sarah Chiapello
General Practitioner

Dr Taz completed his medical training at the UQ & has since been working at various hospitals in Southeast Queensland, including Logan Hospital, Toowoomba Hospital, & GCUH.
Dr Taz has worked in Orthopaedic surgery & completed a Master of Traumatology in line with his interests in musculoskeletal medicine. As of 2024 Dr Taz is commencing the Australian General Practice Training Program to follow his passion for preventative medicine & holistic patient care.
Outside of work Dr Taz enjoys running, surfing, golf, & spending time with friends and family on the weekends.

Meet Me

Dr Taz Jacobs
General Practitioner

Dr Cass completed her medical training at The University of Melbourne before deciding to move to some warmer weather on the Gold Coast! She has worked at GCUH, Robina Hospital & many rural placements in outback Qld.
Dr Cass enjoys all areas of general practice however has an interest in preventative medicine, menopause & women’s health.
You will find Dr Cass rowing on the Tweed River most mornings before work. She also enjoys running, cycling & swimming. What a human!

Meet Me

Dr Cassandra Murphy
General Practitioner

Originally from NZ, Dr Lance moved to Australia in 1995 & has been happy to call Burleigh his home for the past 20 years.
After many years of experience working in busy ED's & ICU's, Dr Lance now thoroughly enjoys his work as a GP, & is passionate about all aspects of General Practice. Lance is an authorised Medicinal Cannabis Prescriber, & sees patients for palliative care.
In his free time, Lance enjoys spending time with family & friends, relaxing at the beach & keeping fit & healthy whether it be at the gym, cycling, swimming or jogging down at the beach.

Meet Me

Dr Lance Otto
General Practitioner & MCD

Dr Michaela is a Queenslander who grew up on the southern end of the Gold Coast - a true local! Dr Michaela has always dreamed of being a GP & enjoys every minute. Dr Michaela is an empathetic & kind soul, who enjoys all aspects of General Practice.
You will find Dr Michaela living by the beach & spending time with family & friends.

Meet Me

Dr Michaela Prove
General Practitioner

The lovely Dr Stephanie Smith is back! Enjoying all aspect of General Practice, Dr Steph is a brilliant joy to be around.

Meet Me

Dr Stephanie Smith
General Practitioner

Dr Lyndsey Kabat hails from University of Cape Town, South Africa. Dr Lyndsey has worked in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.
Passionate about preventive medicine, Dr Lyndsey is interested in all aspects of family medicine and enjoys the variety it offers. Special interests include women’s health, paediatrics, geriatrics and mental health.
Dr Lyndsey is a Fellow with the Royal College and has qualifications in family planning and skin.
Always doting on her two mini Schnauzers, she subscribes to Schnauzer Rescue. She loves baking, professional cake decorating and gardening.

Meet Me

Dr Lyndsey Kabat
General Practitioner

Dr Alex moved to the Gold Coast from New Zealand, he enjoys the everyday lifestyle too much to go back.
Before working as a GP, Alex worked in Emergency and Pediatric care on the Gold Coast. He is also one of our authorized Medicinal Cannabis prescribing Doctors!
Dr Alex enjoys all aspects of general practice and is ready to meet you and your family.

Meet Me

Dr Alex Thompson
General Practitioner & MCD

Dr Pia enjoys the beautiful Gold Coast & it's outdoor lifestyle.
Dr Pia completed her studies in Austria before moving to South Africa, finally emigrating to Australia with her family.
These days, Pia’s work interests lie in holistic medicine & is known for being a caring doctor.
Pia is a keen mountain biker & can still outride her daughter any day!

Meet Me

Dr Pia Petersen
General Practitioner

Dr Cam is a local Queenslander, passionate about holistic health & believes in achieving wellness by caring for all aspects of the individual & family.
A Fellow of the Royal College, & having achieved speciality in a Diploma of Dermatology, Dr Cam also has a specialised interest in Skin Cancer Medicine & Skin Related Disorders.
When he's not being an awesome GP, Cam enjoys time keeping active playing basketball, trying to avoid embarrassment on the golf course, playing music & wiping out in the surf. He & his wife are also currently relishing the challenge of renovating their family home!
Go Dr Cam!

Meet Me

Dr Cameron Halliday
General Practitioner & Skin Cancer Management

Dr Sharon Arellano a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners & has worked on the Gold Coast for the past 20 years.
Dr Sharon enjoys all aspects of General Practice, working with patients from the birth to passing.
Outside of work you will find Dr Sharon creating beautiful grazing tables & baking. As a Filipino, she definitely sings her way to our hearts.

Meet Me

Dr Sharon Arellano
General Practitioner

Dr Amy Thornely worked in the Royal Australian Air Force for 7 years as a Medical Officer.
Dr Amy enjoys all aspects of general practice with a focus on preventative care. Her special interests include Child Health, Obstetrics and Women’s Health.
Dr Amy has a passion for travel, dancing and chooses to enjoy her time relaxing on our beautiful beaches with her family.

Meet Me

Dr Amy Thornely
Medical Director & General Practitioner

Practicing in Burleigh since 1997 Dr Mark Spanner is a Fellow of the RACGP. Dr Mark plays an active role in educating medical students and doctors specialising in family medicine. Dr Mark has great interest in all aspects of family medicine including Adult Healthcare, Pediatrics and Obstetrics.
An avid fisherman, Dr Mark runs with the Canadian salmon each year.

Dr Mark Spanner
General Practitioner

Dr Jane is proud to welcome you! Dr Jane is a kind-hearted, straight-forward, empathetic doctor, has enjoyed the warm shores of the Gold Coast for many years, making it her home with her family.
As a GP, Jane enjoys the wide range of services to offer her patients.

Dr Jane Wehipeihana
Medical Director & General Practitioner


After successful completion of practice under peer review at The Queen Elizabeth & Lyell McEwin Hospitals in SA, Dr Hafeez was awarded Fellowship of Royal Australasian College of Physicians in Cardiology. Dr Hafeez holds indefinitely esteemed certification of the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate USA. He also holds dual Fellowship (FCPS) in Medicine (2001) & Cardiology (2006) from the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan. Dr Hafeez is a Clinical Lecturer of Medicine of The University of Adelaide. He has gained experience in performing & interpreting all the modalities of Echocardiography including transthoracic, transoesophageal, stress & contrast echocardiography. Dr Hafeez has particular interest in the clinical, diagnostic, & preventive aspects of cardiology.
Please note: Dr Shahid Hafeez is only seeing patients 18 years & older.

Dr Shahid Hafeez

Psychology services

The beautiful Maaike will return soon...she is currently welcoming an addition to their family ... YAY!

Maaike Moolenaar

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Educated in Rapid Transformational Therapy under world-renowned Marisa Peer, Natalie is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with clients on changing the mindset around trauma, anxiety, depression as well as fears/phobias & weight issues.
Natalie spends her downtime walking along the beach, drinking lattes & playing with the crazy Frenchies, Frankie & Meatball.

Natalie McLean
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Paediatric Services

Mrs Abby is now at
Ph. 07 5690 1290
or book online at

Abby Spanner
Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Catherine is an eager proactive Paediatric & Mental Health Occupational Therapist. She strongly believes in creating equal opportunities & support for her clients, as well as always striving to have a client-centered approach to achieving their goals.
Catherine endeavours to develop positive therapeutic relationships as an essential part of her practice, collaborating with other disciplines to ensure that clients receive holistic support for their objectives.
Outside of work, you will find Catherine enjoying painting, going to the beach, trying new foods, & taking her dog for walks!

Catherine Mendoza
Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Adriana is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist.
Adriana provides personalised therapy to children & families, offering fun & engaging activities. She believes in building relationships with families, to equip parents with the necessary tools to enhance their child’s communication in everyday life.
Adriana looks forward to meeting you!

Adriana Astras
Paediatric Speech Pathologist

Molly is a Paediatric Speech Pathologist who is passionate about providing holistic client-centred care.
Molly enjoys working closely with families to help achieve communication goals. Molly has experience working with a range of different ages & populations within the areas of speech, language, literacy, & social communication, with a particular interest in providing assessment & intervention for early language development, speech sound disorders & literacy development.

Outside of work you’ll find Molly hanging out with family, diving into a good book, or taking leisurely strolls with her dogs along the beach.

Molly Stockham
Paediatric Speech Pathologist

Hi! My name is Kora & I am 1 years old. I am a Labrador X Golden Retriever. My Mum was so lucky to take me home in April 2022 where I live happily on the Gold Coast.
Paediatric OT Abby (my Mum), and I have been training for 6 months to become a certified Therapy Dog. I have extensive training to be able to be an appropriate & well-mannered therapy dog.
I love playing with little people & making lives a whole lot better. I am well known for my high motivation, play skills & golden fluffy ears. I look forward to meeting you soon in a session with my mum at Medical on Robina!

Certified Therapy Dog

Physiotherapy & Osteopathy

Robyn has an extensive history as both a professional soccer player & coach. The combination of both has enabled her to achieve a great result with patients wanting to return to sports or get the most out of their exercise program.
Robyn has a particular interest in orthopaedics, chronic conditions & has the knowledge and ability to help patients that suffer from persistent pain. She has completed extra training as a Vestibular Physiotherapist & enjoys helping patients who suffer from vertigo, migraines & headaches.
Robyn believes the body has an innate ability to heal itself with the right approach including education & support.

Robyn Spilsbury

Marc is a passionate caring Physio helping clients achieve their goals & optimize their quality of life through a firm belief that a combination of hands-on therapy, education & exercise therapy will achieve the best results.
Marc is currently the Head Physio for the Future Titans program & the rehabilitation Physio for the Burleigh Bears. He has previous experience in AFL & athletics, as well as working closely with some of the best Orthopaedic & sports physicians.
He has completed additional qualifications as a Specialised Vestibular Physiotherapist, enabling him to effectively help those who suffer from vertigo, migraines & headaches.

Marc Del Gallo

Joshua Noble has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from UQ. He has extensive experience working in orthopaedic physio & private practice. He is currently completing a Master of Sports Physio & is the Senior Physio for the Burleigh Bears as well as the Directing Physio for the Future Titans program.
Josh has a particular interest in cervical spine disorders/headaches, persistent pain & sports-related injuries from both contact & endurance sports. Josh achieves great results by employing a holistic, hands-on approach to treating his patients & goes above & beyond to provide a thorough diagnosis & personal post-treatment follow-up to ensure his patients receive the care they deserve.

Josh Noble


Nelson graduated from La Trobe University in 2014 with a Masters of Podiatry and has worked in a variety of health settings. His main area of focus is sports podiatry, but enjoys all aspects of feet! Nelson is also currently studying to complete his Endorsement for Scheduled Medicines.⁠

Nelson Pollard

Originally from Ireland, Jarlath moved to Australia over 8 years ago! He is an AHPRA registered Podiatrist, passionate about helping people walk, run & move without pain.
Adept at treating a variety of conditions, Jarlath has keen interest in heel pain, running related injuries & nail surgery for chronic ingrown toenails. Jarlath feels very privileged to call the GC home, & enjoys everything it has to offer from the pristine beaches to beautiful bush walking trails. He is a strong advocate for keeping the lower limbs strong & resilient by engaging in regular strength training, whilst being a self-confessed running-shoe geek!

Jarlath O'Neill


Tegan is an accredited practising Dietitian & Nutritionist dedicated to helping individuals develop a healthy & positive relationship with food, supporting their journey towards optimal health & wellness.
Initial appointment: $90 (gap fee of ($31.70) Subsequent appointment: $75 (gap fee of ($16.70) HCC & EPC's are bulk billed.

Tegan Tudor
Dietitian & Nutritionist

Katie is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist. She has a passion for assisting people in achieving improved health outcomes & enjoys seeing them reach their goals. Katie is experienced in diabetes, fertility nutrition, cardiovascular disease, weight management, food allergy & intolerance, & gastrointestinal disorders. Katie is a certified Fertility Dietitian and can assist people trying to conceive to improve their chances of a healthy pregnancy. She has completed the Sports Nutrition course with the Australian Institute of Sport & National Pediatric Dietetic Training with the Dietitian's Association of Australia. Katie supports her patients by promoting successful, sustainable health through individualized dietary plans & solutions.

Katie Harris
Dietitian & Nutritionist

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