What is hand therapy?

Hand Therapy

Hand Therapy is a speciality practised by a qualified Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist that focuses on the rehabilitation of the upper limb.

A Hand Therapist can assess, diagnose and treat injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder. Because of their specialist knowledge with injuries of the upper limb, Hand Therapists are able to precisely diagnose your condition.

Here at Medical on Burleigh, we are proud to have accredited Hand Therapists in our team – Carla Bingham, Kelsy Weavil  and Jodie Robertson. All are ultra-experienced and trusted by many Gold Coast locals for treatment and management of their upper limb injuries and inflamation.

Maybe you’re a hard working barista and you’ve tempered a few too many coffee grinds over the years? Or you’re a skateboarder, recovering from a broken wrist? Or do you have arthritis? It’s easy to take healthy hands for granted, but inflammation and injury can quickly cause frustration to our daily lives.

Why is it most beneficial to see a Hand Therapist for injuries to the upper limb?

They’re specialists with an in-depth anatomical knowledge of upper limbs, meaning they can precisely diagnose your hand problems. Their knowledge allows them to demonstrate exercises, apply massages and more treatments that are specific to your condition, giving you the most smooth and comfortable healing process possible.

One of their skills is the ability to fabricate splints, casts and braces that are customised to your injury, while keeping your daily activities in mind.
Our Hand Therapy wizards, work closely with surgeons, GP’s and other Physiotherapists at Medical on Burleigh, so you can trust you are in safe hands *wink*.

If you have been diagnosed a condition or have injured any part of your upper limb (fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, elbows), don’t hesitate to contact Medical on Burleigh to make an appointment for a consultation with either Carla or Jodie or one of their team to assess and develop a treatment plan to manage your condition, reduce pain and to aid in your recovery.